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Market emergence, enterprise transformation and process improvement. We cooperate with our customers to fully tap the potential of talent, ignite the spark of talent ideas, and jointly meet the challenges of today. We are not only a leading B2B (enterprise-to-enterprise) company in China, but also a P2P (people-to-people) enterprise. Everyone is enthusiastic and seeks wet process solutions.


Kzone equipment was established, and photovoltaic as the starting point for business, the same year successfully developed the industry's first back polishing and etching cleaning machine.


Enter the field of flat panel display and semiconductor packaging.


Tackling high-end wet equipment in flat panel display yellow light processing area.


Complete the development and manufacture of G5.5 AMOLED wet etching equipment; in the same year, outstanding achievements in semiconductor packaging, graphene and other fields, to achieve multi-point blooming.


G5.5 AMOLED wet etching equipment and high-precision cleaning equipment in this field have been produced in the client and passed the acceptance test. In the same year, Kzone and CanadianSolar formally established cooperation to start the development of the first generation wet black silicon equipment, and delivered to production in December of the same year.


The first generation of wet black silicon equipment successfully achieved mass production, and completed the second generation of wet black silicon equipment development, to achieve mass production. In the same year flat panel display area, Kzone and Visionox group cooperate deeply.


The third generation wet-process black silicon equipment was successfully developed and supplied in batches. Strategic cooperation was reached with Canadian Solar. Canadian Solar joined Kzone. Kzone is the only domestic supplier of wet-process equipment in the flat panel display (6th generation AMOLED) industry.


In the field of photovoltaic, a new generation of high-efficiency silicon velvet cleaning equipment, alkali polishing and etching cleaning equipment and other comprehensive equipment have been introduced to the market; flat panel display equipment has completely broken the monopoly of imported equipment manufacturers, and directly competed with imported equipment manufacturers.


  • FPD

    In recent years, display technology has developed rapidly. Flat panel displays are very different from traditional video image displays because of their completely different display and manufacturing technologies. Tsing Chau equipment in the field of flat panel display deep tillage and meticulous work, achieved a major breakthrough in technology.

  • SEMI

    Semiconductor is a material that can be controlled electrically and can range from insulators to conductors. From the perspective of technology or economic development, the importance of semiconductors is enormous. The core units of computers and mobile phones are very closely related to semiconductors.

  • EP

    Because the environmental pollution problem caused by industrial development is too serious, the whole society is paying attention to and dealing with the pollution problem.

  • PV

    Solar photovoltaic is a new renewable energy technology. Solar photovoltaic power generation has the characteristics of modular battery modules, easy installation and maintenance, flexible use.

  • AE

    Automation is a key factor in successful production. Only with the help of excellent automation solutions can we achieve high quality and high yield automation solutions for crystal continental equipment, such as silicon wafers or glass, ceramics, plastics and other sensitive materials.


    Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties, and has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. Graphene is considered as a revolutionary material in the future.



  • Established in August 2001, Kangdexin Composite Material Group (KDX) is a material technology firm mainly engaged in development, production and sale of high polymer materials. KDX, listed (stock code: 002450) in Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise stock market in July 2010, involves such three major material fields as prefilming material, photoelectric material and carbon material, and presents a leading position in the global competition. In August 2017, KDX ranked as the 47th in 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators issued by Forbes, and became the global unique material firm with the capability and possibility to raise the next round of innovation change in the world.

  • Founded in 2001, Visionox Co., a high-tech enterprise focusing on OLED technology development. Visionox has been dedicated to the technological advancement of China since the foundation, and sticks to the development paths of focusing science and technology and persisting in innovation.

  • CSI is a green energy photovoltaic company founded by returning experts from overseas and listed in Nasdaq in 2006. CSI specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of solar energy conversion photovoltaic products.

  • Super silicon companies include materials research institutes, equipment technology centers, silicon wafer manufacturing, sapphire manufacturing, intraocular lens growth and so on. The mission of the company is to provide high quality large size silicon wafers for global IC manufacturers.

  • FPD

  • SEMI

  • EP